'Scandal' is returning to ABC on Thursday with the episode "Heavy in the Head", which will see Olivia and Fitz enjoying their time together.

The episode can be watched online through ABC Live, provided the viewer has a subscription with a participating cable partner. The episode will air at 9 p.m. EDT on ABC.

"Heavy in the Head" will pick up shortly after the events of season 4 finale that saw Olivia and Fitz kissing, and their budding romance will be one of the highlights of the upcoming season.

According to showrunner Shonda Rhimes, Olivia and Fitz are the only two people who might have a good time in season 5.

"The world had been fairly blown apart for everybody except Olivia and Fitz," Rhimes said at the press tour of the Television Critics Association. "Everybody else was in a fairly blown apart place... We pick up right there in that environment and we see what's happens next."

"Cyrus no longer working in the White House... Mellie is no longer living in the White House, Jake said he was walking away... Quinn was thinking about killing Huck.... We pick up right there in that environment," Rhimes said.

It is not immediately known if Fitz will divorce Mellie, but it's guaranteed that Mellie won't give up her place without a fight. Although Mellie knows about Fitz's relationship with Olivia, Mellie finds it hard to leave him.

But when TVLine recently questioned Rhimes about the Olivia being the first lady, the showrunner confessed that it was an intriguing concept.

The season premiere will see Olivia helping out the Queen of Caledonia, and the official synopsis of the episode "Heavy in the Head" reads:

Olivia and Fitz enjoy their time together, while Cyrus, Mellie and Huck live with the aftermath of aiding Command; Olivia helps the visiting Queen of Caldonia and her family when they experience a tragedy.