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A Saudi woman has beaten a group of men with a wooden stick when they harassed her for not dressing 'modestly'.  The incident that reportedly took place in  Riyadh, the Kingdom's capital, was filmed and the video went viral.

In the video, the woman is seen taking a lunge at the men before she swings the wooden stick at the miscreants. As the crowd scatters, we can see them running away from her. She launched the attack after the men complained that her hair was uncovered.

The video soon went viral and sparked a debate online. While some praised the woman for fighting back against her harassers, some accused her of 'provoking' the men walking in the park.

According to Stepfeed, a social media user said: "No one would harass a modest, respectable woman."

The user added: "A woman who's too out there and who dresses like this must handle what she gets. Some women dress provocatively and don't want anyone to harass them. Have some shame and be modest if you don't want that."

Many users praised the woman and called her 'brave' and 'Saudi Wonder Woman'. A social media user said: "If there's no law to protect women from molestation, they should take matters into their own hands"

Another said: "Sexual harassment is a sexual harassment for both genders, whether it was this or that. It is time to speak up ab it AND FORCE LAW PUNISHMENTS"

Some also claimed that the woman in the video is a popular social media personality and was followed by the men because they wanted to take pictures with her. However, these claims are still unverified.

Women's rights in Saudi Arabia are considered limited when compared with other countries, the change has already started. 

The only country in the world that banned women from driving lifted the ban last year and the women will be allowed to drive by June 2018. Uber and Careem are even taking applications to hire female cabbies in Saudi Arabia.