If Season 2 of "The Royals" ends ambiguously and does not reveal who killed King Simon, we imagine a lot of angry faces on fans who are devout watchers of the show. Thankfully, E!'s original scripted series is inching closer to unearthing the killer, and after that, we imagine Prince Liam will have a few days off to rest. The upcoming episode of "The Royals" will have a scene in which Ted Pryce (Oliver Milburn) and Prince Liam talk about the late King's demise and Pryce says: "Your father, he'd want you to know the truth."

A shocked prince replies, "What truth is that?" The promo then captures Liam's search for someone and he runs into Wilhemina, the girl he met at his birthday party.

In any case, the upcoming episode will preoccupy itself with the death of King Simon and his relationship with Dominique. The young prince and princess will embark on an investigative mission to find out who killed her and will revisit memories of the two.

The plot of Season 2 Episode 8, titled "Be All My Sins Remembered", switches between two timelines. If the past depicts a woefully tragic love story between King Simon and Dominique, the present is filled with Machiavellian schemes among the people of the royal household. Prince Liam (William Moseley)and Princess Eleanor (Alexandra Park) overhear a conversation between King Cyrus and Ted Pryce about the Queen's murderous intentions regarding Dominique, and narrow their search.

Although Queen Helena (Elizabeth Hurley) is a prime suspect in the death of Dominique, she vehemently denies killing her late husband's lover. It could perhaps the Duchess (Joan Collins), since she appears very enthusiastic about shutting down any investigation into the death of Dominique.

According to TV Guide, Season 2 Episode 8's synopsis simply reads: "Relationships are forever changed when the royal family's history is called into question."

"The Royals" Season 2 Episode 8 airs on Sunday, 3 January, at 10pm on E! You can live-stream the episode online via E! Live