Betrayal is the theme of this week's episode of "The Royals". E!'s original scripted series about the British monarchy uses all the elements of a Shakespearean tragedy to deliver a TV show that resounds with plot elements such as hubris, jealousy, murder and power. So far, Season 2 of "The Royals" has preoccupied itself with the death of King Simon, and until now, the show hasn't revealed who the killer actually is. But Season 2 Episode 9 will reveal more information about the monarch's murder.

In the previous episode, Prince Liam (William Moseley) was told the royals' head of security Ted Pryce (Oliver Milburne) killed his father. However, he denied his involvement vehemently. The upcoming episode will delve into Pryce's movements and depict him as one of the suspects.

In the promo for the latest episode, Pryce talks to Jasper (Tom Austen) and asks him to stop carrying out his task of finding King Simon's murderer. However, Jasper retaliates and asks: "Is there anything you want to tell me?" Although Pryce insists the guilty person is in prison, Jasper is suspicious.

Jasper relays this information to Prince Liam, who tells his sister Princess Eleanor (Alexandra Park) of the information he's gleaned. However, she doesn't trust Jasper after the birthday incident. In the process, she tells her twin brother of the attempted theft of the Kohinoor.

This seems to change Prince Liam's perspective towards Jasper. Will he remove Jasper from the case? We predict this will derail the investigation and it will be a long time before the royal family finds out who the real murderer of King Simon is.

Season 2 Episode 9's synopsis reads:

Questions swirl about the king's killer; and the monarchy's structure is challenged.

"The Royals" Season 2 Episode 9, titled "And then it started like a guilty thing", airs on Sunday, 10 January, at 10 pm on E! You can live-stream the episode via E! Live.