It's about time the plot of "The Royals" included some light-hearted moments. So far, Season 2 of the original scripted series on E! has focused heavily on the Machiavellian politics in the royal household and little on the characters themselves. However, as the show advances, love, or at least the prospect of it, is finally being captured.

Season 2 Episode 6 of "The Royals" will be centred around Prince Liam (William Moseley) and his twin sister Princess Elanor's (Alexandra Park) birthday party. Judging by the several promos posted on the show's Facebook page, we can safely predict that the event will be a masquerade party. The idea is hardly original, but it does offer Princess Elanor's girlfriend Mandy (Sarah Dumont) a suitable opportunity to carry out the diamond heist.

In the promo, Mandy persuades her girlfriend to wear the diamond at her birthday party.

Since the princess' ex-love interest Jasper already knows what Mandy's motives are, we won't be surprised if he becomes an obstacle for the thief in the royal palace. To be sure, Jasper's honourable attempt to stop Mandy from stealing the Kohinoor hints at his allegiance and commitment to the royals. At this point, many wonder if Elanor's former bodyguard still has feelings for her, and if the two will ever get back together. However, that remains to be seen.

According to the promo for the upcoming episode, Queen Helena (Elizbeth Hurley) and Prince Liam delve into a sea of clues that surround the Queen's former lover, Alistair Lacey (Noah Huntley) and her late husband, King Simon's death.

Although Lucious has confessed he killed the King of England, no one in the palace seems to believe the story. What secrets will they uncover in this episode?

Season 2 Episode 6's synopsis reads:

The twins have a birthday party in the palace and things get out of hand. Meanwhile, Queen Helena and Prince Liam look to the past for answers about the future.

"The Royals" Season 2 Episode 6 airs on Sunday, 20 December at 10 pm on E! You can live-stream the episode via E! Live.