Admittedly, "The Royals" revolves around a plot that consists of shocking twists and turns. If the monarch is revealed to be dead, then his successor suffers from cancer. As season 2 unfolds, the late King's wife, Queen Helena (Elizabeth Hurley) launches a fierce battle to take over the crown, and so far, all we've seen is a never ending power struggle to become England's next monarch. However, this week's episode seems different.

In "The Royals" season 2 episode 4, there will be some shocking revelations. This is mostly related to King Simon's death. Fans of the show would remember that the murderer is still not revealed and his death itself remains a mystery.

In the promo for the upcoming episode, a cryptic message appears, the text of which reads: "You are not alone." Following this, a pack of dominos is seen. The promo also hints at revealing the late King's killer.

Elsewhere on the episode, King Cyrus (Jake Maskall), who is presently battling testicular cancer has a passionate moment with his maid, Violet (Keeley Hazell).

In another promo, the maid tries to seduce Britain's ruling monarch, but he desists. Later, she strips down for him and a shocking revelation is made.

"The Royals" season 2 episode 4 titled "What, Has This Thing Appear'd Again Tonight?" synopsis reads:

King Cyrus draws a line in the sand with Queen Helena and Prince Liam as he does whatever he can to eliminate King Simon's legacy. Meanwhile, Princess Eleanor (Alexandra Park) makes a friend as a new wrinkle in the king's murder is potentially revealed.

"The Royals" season 2 episode 4 airs on Sunday, 6 December at 10pm on E! You can live stream the episode online via E! Live.

Watch the promo below: