"The Royals" is coming back to E! on Sunday, 15 November, with the episode, "It Is Not, nor It Cannot Come to Good", and it promises to be a bigger season than the previous one.

According to executive producer Mark Schwahn, the first episode will delve right into the three cliffhangers from the first season -- who killed the king; are the prince and princess illegitimate children; and what's the Domino thing that keeps popping up.

"We're going to drop the audience right into this really awesome polo match because something we like to do is retain a bit of fabulousness since we are The Royals," Schwahn told The Hollywood Reporter. "And then through a series of flashbacks and moving forward, we dive into all three of those stories. Some of them are season-long arcs and some of them we get resolution or information about right away."

Elsewhere in the season, the viewers will see Jasper trying his best to patch up with Eleanor. Although he hurt her a lot by sleeping with her mother, Jasper seems to want to win Eleanor back and resume their relationship.

But, Eleanor isn't yet ready to give their romance another shot, and she will keep pushing him away.

"I think Eleanor is trying to sweep it all under the rug like she does with anything that makes her actually feel and deal with real things," Alexandra Park told HollywoodLife. "But Jasper is one that sticks around. She's toying with the idea of him and what he did, things that she liked about him. It's a very complicated kind of relationship that they have, so it's not easy for her to deal with that."

The official synopsis for the first episode of the season reads:

After King Simon's death, King Cyrus' new look monarchy is on full display at the Royal polo match; Prince Liam is set on revenge and receives some unexpected help; Queen Helena maneuvers for power.

"The Royals" is aired on E! on Sundays. Click here to watch the episode online.