The last eleven episodes of the crime drama, "Rizzoli and Isles", have been a sheer thrill to watch. And as the series goes on a summer break, its final episode "5:26" airs on Tuesday, 1 September. So far, season 6 has focused on Maura's personal life, and we've been introduced to her adoptive father, Arthur Isles, who is a bit creepy and we sincerely hope he doesn't make another appearance any time soon.

While most of season 6 has been dramatic, the last episode for the summer, episode 12 "5:26", promises to be no different. 

In the latest episode, Jane and Maura discover a dead woman who stashes a balloon of cocaine in her stomach. In addition to this, the detectives also find an old watch in the cocaine bag. The synopsis for episode 12 concludes by stating that Jane needs to find the significance of the watch, or else she and the people whom she loves the most will be in danger.

From the promo, we know that drugs, death and violence emerge as the main plot points.

The most obvious spoiler of episode 12 points to a death threat by a drug cartel. The presence of a cocaine bag in a dead woman's stomach is reminiscent of the 80s when drug kingpin Pablo Escobar's mules travelled to the US by swallowing bags of cocaine. However, in this case, the dead woman is only a messenger, and Jane is the real target.

Showrunner Jan Nash said Jane will find herself in trouble and battle a new nemesis in season 6. "We've come up with a nemesis arc for Jane that will really span a fairly substantial part of the season — somebody who has decided that Jane is a problem that needs to be dealt with and will start acting out in a certain way that will grow increasingly more dire through the middle part of the season to the end of the season," reported The Hollywood Reporter.

In the promo, a desperate Jane is left impotent when she is stopped by several police officers and is ushered back to her office. How will she save herself or her family without a clue about the criminal?

"Rizzoli and Isles" Season 6 episode 12, "5:26", airs at 9pm on Tuesday, 1 September, on TNT. You can watch it online on TNT Drama.