So far, season 6 of "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" has focused on Yolanda Foster's health. The reality star, who is battling Lyme's disease, has gained strength after her friends supported her. However, it appears that one of cast members may have overstepped the boundary regarding Yolanda's health.

In season 6 episode 5 titled "The M word", Lisa Rinna's concern for Yolanda is captured. The 52-year-old reality star was overwhelmed when she met Yolanda in the previous episode. In the interest of her friend, Lisa makes a suggestion that stuns everyone.

To be sure, this suggestion is made at Lisa Vanderpump's house, where all the cast members gather to see the mini horse that's been purchased as a gift for Ken.

Season 6 episode 4 also depicts the awkwardness that surrounds the Fosters' marriage. Although David and Yolanda are ready to go on their vacation, Gigi Hadid's mother is overcome by the fatigue, a symptom of Lyme disease. This change in her personality is difficult for David, who is used to taking adventurous trips with his wife.  Furthermore, the fact that the two are in the midst of divorce proceedings right now mars the geniality in their relationship.

Elsewhere, in the upcoming episode, Eileen faces mental turmoil. The reality star tries to find time to sort out some issues with her husband, but the two don't seem to catch a break.

Season 6 episode 4's synopsis reads:

Kyle reflects on her acting career when her daughter expresses an interest in the craft; Eileen has an argument over the proper time to have an argument; Lisa Vanderpump showcases mini-horses she bought; a suggestion about Yolanda's health creates drama.

"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" season 6 episode 4 titled "The M word" airs on Tuesday, 22 December, at 9pm on Bravo. You can live stream the episode via Bravo Live.