Season 4 of "Ray Donovan" is returning after a week-long break to Lifetime with episode 11 "Chinese Algebra." Ray will do everything in his power to save Avi in the upcoming episode, but he might get interrupted before he can do anything worthwhile in this direction.

Lena and Daryll are Ray's backups for the plan to save Avi, and to this end, they stole a truck full of valuable art to force Dmitri into doing their bidding in the previous episode. However, their plan gets interrupted by Agent Barnes, who has plans of his own for Ray.

Ray knows he is in deep with the Russians and all the Donovans live in fear of their attacks. Knowing this, Barnes asks him to cut a deal with the FBI, wherein Ray tells him everything he knows about the Russians. In exchange he will be put in witness protection along with the rest of his family.

The other major storyline from the episode is the aftermath of Marisol's murder. As fans saw, she exposed her love affair with Hector, and he decided there is nothing he could do to salvage his life, other than kill her. In the upcoming episode, the boxer will pay the price for his crime.

The official synopsis for Season 4 episode 11 of "Ray Donovan reads: 

After devising a plan to save Avi, Ray is detained by Agent Barnes before he can act; Mickey places a high-stakes bet; Barnes makes Ray an offer.

Don't forget to watch Season 4 episode 11 of "Ray Donovan" at 9 p.m. (EST) on Sunday, Sept. 11. You can also live-stream "Chinese Algebra" via Showtime Anytime.