Who will win the contract with So So Def
Who will win the contract with So So DefFacebook/The Rap Game

The much-awaited finale of The Rap Game season 2 will be aired on Friday, September 23 and fans will finally get to know who Jermaine Dupri will choose as the winner.

One more challenge remains, and the five young rappers of The Rap Game are mentally, physically and vocally prepared for it. Lil Key, Nia, Jayla, Prince of New York and Mani are all expecting the gold chain to be around their neck by the end of Finale Pt. 2, but unfortunately only one of them will get that honour.

Although every one of them are talented, all fans have their personal favourites. While some fans like the aggression of Prince of New York, others are fans of Lil Key's humility. Nia is considered a beast when it comes to performance and Jayla gets extra points for her adorableness.

In a recent poll that International Business Times, India, conducted, 40 per cent of the fans that voted, did so in favour of Prince of New York winning the competition. Closely following his was Lil key with 230 votes, putting him at 36 per cent. While 10 per cent of the votes were in Nia's favour Jayla and Mani got only 4 per cent of the votes.

Will the fans' prediction come true? Will Jermaine sign the contract with Prince of New York or Lil Key? Find out when season 2 episode 10 of The Rap Game titled Finale Pt. 2 airs on Friday, September 23 at 10 pm (EST). You can also stream the episode via MyLifetime.