Nia Kay represents Chicago in "The Rap Game."
Nia Kay represents Chicago in "The Rap Game."Facebook/The Rap Game

Season 2 episode 6 of "The Rap Game" will be aired by Lifetime on Friday, Aug. 26, and in this week's challenge, fans will see the kid rappers busting a few moves with some of the most popular dancers in the world. "Stand Out or Sit Down" will test the camera presence of the kids, with Jermaine Dupri taking the help of Les Twins and We Are Toonz to guide them and judge them in the challenge.

It looks like Nia Kay is one of the most confident performers among the contestants. In one of the promos for the upcoming episode we see her snapping and nae naeing on the dance floor while spitting her rhymes. Throughout the routine she maintained eye contact with the Les Twins and Jermaine. It was obvious that she is quite sure of herself and knew her extremities well enough to work around it.

"You sure you need us? Because you don't him... You don't need me. You can do it on your own. You're good," the famed dancers, who have performed with stars like Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj, told Nia. However, they did warn her about not repeating her moves too much. Hopefully, Nia will figure out her performance ahead of the shooting for the music video with We Are Toonz.

Meanwhile, Mani has got a new manager in YoYo and it looks like there may be some clash in terms of preparing for the challenges. While Mani is very laidback and likes to work on his own, YoYo has proved to be a very hands-on type of manager. It remains to be seen if they will be able to work together.

Working with Mani should definitely be a success for YoYo, because her association with Jayla last week did not work out too well for her. 

In "Stand Out or Sit Down" the rappers not only have to write lyrics for a new rap song, but also train to dance on camera with the viral sensation, We Are Toonz. The official synopsis for "The Rap Game" Season 2 episode 6 reads:

"Famed Beyonce dancers Les Twins teach the kids how to move as they prepare for their first feature in a music video with viral sensation "We Are Toonz." One artist attempts to use recycled bars, while another struggles to get along with their new manager."

Don't forget to watch Season 2 episode 6 of "The Rap Game" at 10 p.m. (EST) on Friday, Aug. 26 via Lifetime. You can also stream "Stand Out or Sit Down" via MyLifetime.