JI was the winner of Week 1 challenge of "The Rap Game"
JI was the winner of Week 1 challenge of "The Rap Game"Facebook/The Rap Game

The competition is getting tougher for the kid rappers of "The Rap Game" and it doesn't help when parents offer their unsolicited advice. Season 2 episode 3 of "The Rap Game" will test JI, Jayla, Mini Barbie, Mani and Nia Kay's ability to create an image and sell themselves as a brand.

As fans know from the initial episodes, JI has a very unique look that is not very common in the Hip Hop community and most of it has to do with his Afro. When it comes to creating an image, however, JI's mother seems reluctant to let him keep his Afro as it is, even asking him to restyle it a little bit. However, the rapper claims that the hair is part of his image, and most people around him seem to agree.

"I recognise him by the big Afro. Like, let it go. His energy... I feel like it's going to make him insecure... It might read in the photos," the image consultant says in the promo. Meanwhile one of the other mothers commented, "JI's hair is like a signature piece. I couldn't figure it out why YoYo do his hair like that.

JI has been doing really well so far, especially with his fast raping prowess. It even earned him the top slot in the Hit List and he is not ready to go down in the competition, even if it means hurting his mother's sentiments in the process.

"Right now I'm concerned because my hair isn't the right way. This is definitely not good. I was trying to create an image and now, Jermaine [Dupri] might take a note of that and it might result me being at the bottom of the Hit List and that's not where I'm trying to be," says JI in the promo. 

Season 2 episode 3 will also see the appearance of Queen Latifa, who gives the rappers a lesson or two of creating an image and standing out among the rest of their peers. The synopsis for "Fresh to Def" reads, "Queen Latifah gives the five aspiring rappers a lesson on image and standing out. The kids compete to land the cover of a huge hip hop magazine. One parent manager butts heads with her young artist, risking their placement on the Hit List."

Don't forget to watch the episode at 10 p.m. (EST) on Friday, Aug. 5, and stream it online via  Lifetime website.