Nia Kay represents Chicago in "The Rap Game."
Nia Kay represents Chicago in "The Rap Game."Facebook/The Rap Game

The kids of "The Rap Game" season 2 will start feeling the heat of the competition in the upcoming episode 2 titled "Rep Your City," when Jermaine Dupri places them in front of a mike in an actual recording booth.

The pressure sparks the competitive spirit in some contestants, while it may also weaken a few of them.

In the upcoming episode of "The Rap Game" fans will see the Prince of New York, TI, choking in the booth. Dupri notices that JI's unique style and incomparable talent fail to shine through when he is in the booth.

"It don't feel like you a hundred percent comfortable doing it in the booth," Dupri tells the fast rapper in "Rep Your City."

Dupri further asks the rapper to perform outside the booth, and he immediately starts spitting lyrics that every one of his competition in the show should be afraid of. Clearly the Prince of New York has a lot of talent and potential, all he needs is a little moulding from Dupri.

The week's competition is to write raps about the city you are from, and Nia, who is an exceptional writer, is confident about the challenge. 

She may even be throwing a little too much shade at Jayla, who doesn't write her own lyrics. In the promo for the upcoming episode Nia is seen taunting Jayla by saying, "Well I forgot you don't write. So tell yo daddy to finish writing." However, this statement seems to have put a fire in Jayla, who might shine in the competition for all we know.

The young rappers will also be visited by Hip Hop royalties Monica and Nelly in the upcoming episode.

Don't forget to watch Season 2 episode 2 of "The Rap Game" at 10 p.m. (EST) on Friday, July 22. You can also watch "Rep Your City" online via Lifetime website.