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For the last six weeks, "The Rap Game" has seen young rappers Lil Niqo, Lil Poopy, Miss Mulatto, Young Lyrics and Supa Peach fighting for Jermaine Dupri to sign them on to his record label. As the competition comes to a close, Dupri is bringing in the big guns to inspire the kids, and in the upcoming Episode 7, fans will see Usher surprising the young rappers and imparting some invaluable advice.

In "Fights, Camera, Action!" the kids will be seen writing the lyrics and shooting a 30-second video that will be featured in a rap video with the hip-hop duo 2-Crucial. The competition is getting harder as the finale approaches, and the champion of the last two episodes, Lil Niqo, seems to be slipping.

Niqo was the first artiste to retain his top spot for two consecutive weeks.

In the promo for Episode 7, Niqo is seen shooting for the video, but despite the dope lyrics, he seems to be blending in with the dancers in the back. "I'm looking for a stand-out. My man Lil Niqo though.. He's just blending in with the guys, yo! Niqo, you supposed to be taking centre stage... Owning the camera with your verse (sic)," Dupri is seen telling the camera.

Niqo could lose his top spot for failing to pop on screen. However, it looks like he is inspired by Usher, who comes to "The Rap Game" to surprise the young rappers. He motivates them with lines like: "If you work hard, you can expect to have great results." He further tells the kids they need to keep honing their craft and that he has been developing himself since he started as an artiste.

The kids will also be seen attending a Hot 107.9 interview in the coming episode. Unfortunately, it looks like Lil Poopy may make a fool of himself there.

Watch Season 1 Episode 7 of "The Rap Game" at 10 p.m. (EST) on Friday, Feb. 12, 2016. You can also live-stream "Fight, Camera, Action!" via mylifetime. To watch pivotal clips from Episode 6, visit WhipClip