Rahul Gandhi Chennai
Congress president Rahul Gandhi was responding to a question in Chennai's Stella Maris college.Twitter/Congress

"Can you call me Rahul instead of sir? It makes me more comfortable," said Congress president Rahul Gandhi while interacting with Chennai's Stella Maris college students. Gandhi was seen addressing hundreds of students as part of his campaign for next month's national election. The crowd cheered listening to the words of the Congress president while the student, Azra, from the department of finance, was blushing with her tongue out.

"The question I have for you, Rahul, is that the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research faced huge funding problems," Azra asked.

"We are convinced our country is spending less on education, our target is 6 per cent. It is not only about spending money on education, but also independence on education. All our educational institutions should be able to challenge us...I want you all to make me uncomfortable," replied Rahul Gandhi.

Wearing a grey T-shirt and jeans, the Congress president faced a range of questions from the audience about the Congress-led UPA's plans for economic growth, bringing peace in Jammu and Kashmir, on charges against his brother-in-law Robert Vadra, views about the Modi government and the reason for hugging Modi in Parliament.

Rahul Gandhi Chennai

Rahul Gandhi was interacting with students in Chennai on Wednesday, March 13. The Congress party has partnered with the influential opposition DMK party, formerly led by Karunanidhi, to take on the NDA in Tamil Nadu, which has officially joined the ruling AIADMK.