"Quantico" is returning to ABC after a week-long break, with Season 1 Episode 9, titled "Guilty", and will pick right off Alex's surrender in "Over".

Tired of running, and convinced that there is a second bomb ready to explode within New York City, Alex (Priyanka Chopra) had decided to hand herself over to the FBI after sending Ryan (Jake McLaughlin) off to safety in a helicopter. However, the people she trusted him with may not be as trustworthy as she hoped.

As she is interrogated by a sophisticated team of FBI agents, Ryan's life hangs by the thread, suggests the official synopsis for "Guilty".

Meanwhile, at Quantico, the NATs get a new teacher in Dr Susan Langdon (Anne Heche), as Miranda (Aunjanue Ellis) presumably recovers from the wounds she received at the hands of an unknown attacker at her home in Episode 8. Dr Langdon is a former FBI agent and medical examiner who became popular after authoring a bestselling book.

She asks the trainees to focus on one serial killer and his victims to figure out which among the victims do not fit the case. Simon (Tate Ellington) is exceptionally good at finding the missing pieces, and his excellence puts him in a spot and his life in danger.

We also see Ryan and Alex, who are on a date, getting into an argument after Alex decides to cut their date short to help out Liam (Josh Hopkins). Ryan does not approve of his girlfriend going out of her way to help the very man who tried to ruin both their lives, but Alex believes Liam needs her help, seeing as he is exhibiting the same behaviour her father did.

In the end, Alex has to reassure Ryan by saying: "You know this is not you or him, right?" before she went all the way to Gerogetown to be with Liam.

Watch out for Season 1 Episode 9 of "Quantico" at 10 pm (EST) on Sunday, 29 November. You can also live stream "Guilty" via ABC Go!