ABC's "Quantico" literally started off with a blast and in the coming episode we will see how Alex Parish tried to prove that she is not responsible for that blast. In "America", which will air on Sunday, 4 October, we will see Alex trying to outwit Special Agent O'Connor in order to survive and also see more events from her training period.

In last week's premiere episode "Run", it was revealed that Alex (Priyanka Chopra) is being framed for an attack of 9/11 intensity in the Grand Central Terminal. Liam O'Connor (Josh Hopkins) has staggering reasons to believe that she is the perpetrator of the attacks –

  1. Following the attack, Alex was found near the Grand Central Terminal.
  2. Fellow-recruit Ryan (Jack Mclaughlin), with whom she was having had sex with, as of episode 1 is found dead in her apartment.
  3. Ryan's body is found with three bullet-holes, and Alex's gun is missing three bullets.

However, Alex insists that she is not the terrorist in the group, and is willing to go to any lengths to prove that she is innocent. Meanwhile, fans should remember Alex's confession to O'Connor wherein she revealed how she shot her father, Jeff Michaels.

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In many promos, show-runners have teased us that Alex's father's secret life as an FBI agent is very important for her story to progress. Therefore, many fans feel that O'Connor knew Alex's father, and that is why he doesn't trust her. It could be that he is the one trying to frame her, or he could have known Jeff Michaels to be an agent that betrayed his people, which makes him assume that the apple must not have fallen far from the tree, especially with all the proofs stacking up again Alex.

Episode 2 will also see the introduction of Nathalie Vasquez (Annabelle Acosta), a cop who dreams of being an agent, and Elias Harper (Rick Cosnett), an openly gay man who ends up joining the recruits at Quantico although he is not a trainee himself. "America" will also see the return of Caleb (Graham Rogers).

Watch out for season 1 episode 2 of "Quantico" at 10.00pm (EST) on Sunday, 4 October on ABC. You can also live stream "America" via ABC Go.