"Quantico" has approached its winter finale, and we are still as far away from solving the mystery of the Grand Central bomber's identity. In the upcoming Season 1 Episode 11, the terrorists will reportedly reveal themselves, but rather than clearing all our doubts, "Inside" is expected to bring with it a lot more questions.

In the previous episode, we saw all her friends turned against Alex (Priyanka Chopra) after learning that she helped Liam (Josh Hopkins) and Miranda (Aunjanue Ellis) spy on them. Despite all his help, Alex had reasons to believe Simon could be the bomber, after all.

While tracking him, Alex saw Simon speaking with his bomber friend Orin, and knew that her dear friend might be a terrorist. However, Simon later clarified that he had in fact made a plan to plant bombs in railway stations of NYC, but made deliberate errors in them, so they would be found, and help start conversations and end wars.

However, someone got hold of his blueprints and fixed the errors and put the plan in motion. This means, we are still no closer to figuring out who the real bomber is. However, there is one person that most fans suspect to the real bomber — director of Quantico training programme Miranda.

In the promo for the upcoming episode too, we find her looking a little shady, just as Alex tries to convince her and Liam to stop pretending like they are interrogating her, and actually go out and hunt the real bomber. Even in a poll that was conducted by International Business Times, India Edition, a majority of the readers predicted that Miranda would be the bomber.

Regardless, the true killer will come forward in Season 1 Episode 11 of "Quantico", which will be aired at 10 pm (EST) on Sunday, 13 December. You can also live stream "Inside" via ABC Go!