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After introducing Project Runway season 15 contestants to an unconventional challenge in the premiere episodes, the judges go slightly easy on them. In season 15 episode 2 of the Lifetime reality TV show, the remaining 15 designers have to create a look for the everyday woman. 

[Spoiler Alert]

After a rather stressful premiere episode, the designers on Project Runway are introduced to their new client: the everyday woman in New York. The contestants are asked to create a look that befits women of any shape, size and age and makes them look fabulous as well. And Tim Gunn tells the designers that their looks can't be 'humdrum' only because their clientele is versatile. "You are creating fashion," he adds.

For some, the task proves to be slightly difficult but some women find it inspiring. In the promo for season 15 episode 2, Linda Marcus, the 51-year-old designer from Milwaukee says, "The everyday woman is a woman who is on the go; a mom; a business woman; a wife, and in a lot of ways it's myself."

As the designers get to the task of creating their looks, camaraderie and friendship overtakes competitiveness. This time, they bond over Jenni Riccetti's infectious laugh, which lightens everyone's mood. Almost everyone finds it hilarious, but Jenni says that her family is embarrassed of her laugh. 

Although its unclear who wins season 15 episode 2, the synopsis (via TV Guide) indicates that the contestants will be judged by Nina Dobrev.

Project Runway season 15 episode 2 airs at 9 pm EST on Thursday, September 22, on Lifetime. You can live-stream the episode via My Lifetime