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Is Charlotte still alive on Facebook/Pretty Little Liars

No one stays dead for long on "Pretty Little Liars" and therefore viewers shouldn't be surprised if Charlotte aka CeCe Drake returns to Rosewood before Season 7 of the teen drama ends.

The Liars were moving on with their lives away from Rosewood, but Alison wanted them back to help her get Charlotte released from Radley's and the series of events following that resulted in the Liars finding themselves in a bigger mess than they expected. The previous episode saw Hanna accidentally killing Dr Rollins, and based on the preview for the upcoming episode, it looks like the death has started affecting her.

Who is this new person who is trying to bring down the Liars? Is Charlotte really dead or is she faking her death like Alison did early on in the series?

Here are a few reasons why Charlotte might still be alive on "Pretty Little Liars."

We never saw Charlotte's face: Toby was the one who identified Charlotte's body, but the teen drama has proved more than once that Rosewood's police force wasn't the brightest when it came to identifying victims, noted Wetpaint. Charlotte could have easily faked her death to land the Liars in trouble. If the past is any indication, then Charlotte is an expert in manipulating others and she is still continuing playing games with the Liars.

Charlotte knew Mary Drake: Charlotte revealed a lot of truths to the Liars before the five-year time-jump. But one thing she kept a secret was her relation with Mary Drake, and even the existence of Jessica DiLaurentis' twin sister. Charlotte's fake death could be something devised by Mary and her daughter. Their motive remains a mystery.

Melissa: A flashback scene in Season 6B saw Charlotte ratting out Melissa to Wren, thereby causing the duo to part ways. According to Wetpaint, this happened when Charlotte was still being treated at Radley's and it is safe to assume that Charlotte is still playing the A game.

The mystery of Charlotte and the person who has turned into Uber A will be revealed at the end of this season.

"Pretty Little Liars" airs Tuesdays on Freeform.