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In the upcoming episode titled "The Wrinklegruff Gals" of Cartoon Network's "The Powerpuff Girls" Season 1, after overdosing on Professor's new youth regeneration potion, the girls will turn into old women.

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According to the synopsis of the episode, "In order to fit in with the big kids at their new school, the girls consume a potion that ages them, but it ends up turning them into senior citizens."

After Bubbles mistakenly turns her kindergarten's lab rat into a giant monster, Professor Utonium is left with no other option than to enrol them in a different school.

However, the new school is very different from the Pokey Oaks kindergarten; the kids are mean and they make fun of the girls for being so small. Even though three of them try their best to befriend the kids, it doesn't go much well.

Tired from making all the efforts, the girls tell Professor to make them a little older so that they can easily accommodate with other students. Reluctantly, Professor creates a new potion and gives them each a small portion of it.

However, excited to grow old faster, Buttercup suggests to intake a little bit more of it. They sneak into Professor's lab and drink the entire remaining potion. Next day, when they wake up, they realise with shock that they have grown really old, much older than they were expecting.

Professor is initially angry, but tells them that he will create an antidote. However, he also tells them to attend school as otherwise it would affect their perfect attendance.

Will the girls be bullied for being old or will they be accepted for who they are, will be seen only when the next episode airs.