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In the upcoming two-part episode titled "Escape from Monster Island" and "Princess Buttercup" of Cartoon Network's "The Powerpuff Girls," Buttercup will find herself as the hero of Townsville after saving the town from a new menace.

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According to the synopsis of "Escape from Monster Island" by Powerpuff Girls Wikia, "Bubbles wins two tickets to a concert and has to pick between Blossom and Buttercup to go with her. Meanwhile, the Mayor's plane goes down over Monster Island and it's up to the girls to rescue him." 

Mayor is known for creating troubles for the girls unintentionally and it seems that this time, too, he will unleash a new evil and the girls will have to get rid of it in order to save the townspeople. However, the synopsis hasn't revealed that what kind of evil it will be.

The synopsis of "Princess Buttercup" states that "Buttercup becomes enamoured with a team of roller derby girls called the Derbytantes. When she starts spending all of her time with them, Princess Morbucks seeks to be her replacement in the Powerpuff Girls."

Even though it has not been mentioned in the synopsis that from where the derby girls came, it seems they become fans of Buttercup after she solves the Monster Island problem and afterwards, invite her to join their group. Buttercup, tired of fighting crime often, accepts their invitation and leaves Blossom and Bubbles.

However, there is a significant possibility that it might be a plan of Princess Morbucks to get rid of Buttercup and acquire her position among the Powerpuff Girls. However, what might be Princess' intentions would be revealed only once the episode airs.