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A policeman is being hailed as a superhero after he caught a woman who fell from the first floor of a foot spa in China. A CCTV footage showing the cop risking his life to save the woman has now gone viral on the internet.

The 45 second-clip, shared on YouTube by CGTN, shows a woman falling from the first floor of a foot spa in Aksu Prefecture in China. The policeman comes running and catches her with his bare hands. The video ends with both of them falling on the ground as two more officers come running to assist them.

According to the video, the woman was not injured but the brave policeman broke his lower back.

Local media reports that the woman fought with her husband and was not in a good mood. However, it is not clear if she slipped or jumped from the first floor.

The video garnered more than 44K views at the time of writing the article. Check the video here:

The officer is being lauded for his life-saving effort as some internet users are likening him to superhero.

One social media user named Chris News wrote: "God bless this true hero", another person called Jackie Chan -Mix said: "Great & honored Job .. hero...God bless your health & family .hope get well soon."

Last year, a Metro Nashville police officer had died while trying to save a suicidal woman whose car was going into the Cumberland River. Though the woman survived the incident, the police officer lost his life after getting caught in the swift currents.