If you are a fan of action drama then NBC show "The Player" might have something for you. To be sure, the series sticks to the action genre and presents it in a plot that makes it watchable and interesting.

You can live stream the show here.

"The Player" follows the story of former intelligence officer Alex Kane (Philip Winchester) and his flirtation with crime. In the opening scene, Alex is hired to test the security detail of a foreign leader. Alex, being the intelligent protagonist, finds loopholes and saves the diplomat's life.

In the next few clips, Mr Johnson (Wesley Snipes) approaches Alex and introduces him to the crux of the story: the rich gamble on a crime scene that's going to take place and it is Alex's job to stop it from happening.

The show includes an impressive cast, including wonderful acting by Wesley Snipes. Other cast members include "Wolf Hall" actress Charity Wakefield and Nick Wechsler, among others.

Here's the review round up for NBC series "The Player":


"Yes, there are car chases, smashed windows, crisp suits and a lot of super-tech to save the day, but, without giving anything away, there is a greater mystery at play as well – an embedded narrative, if you will that is tossing out some very shiny plot baubles to keep you at the table."


Mostly, it's all just a glossy excuse for a lot of high-speed chases and fights, informed by the seemingly futile hope that the program's tone and look will appeal to "The Blacklist" audience, which merely suggests some confusion as to why people responded well to that show. Even without the absolutely tortured nature of the premise here, the characters are stiff to the point of being laughable.

Los Angeles Times:

It's an efficient if mass-produced engine — every week a different race against crime and time — made a bit more interesting by the most dangerous game gone digital. Snipes is the A-lister here, and from the opening scene on, he displays an excellent poker face, moving from menace to all-but-winking complicity in a variety of roles.

You can watch the promo for "The Player" here: