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Two episodes — titled "QSO" and "Reassortment" — of CBS' science-fiction series "Person of Interest" Season 5 will be aired back to back on May 24.

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According to the synopsis of Episode 7, as stated by Yibada, "Root goes undercover to protect the host of a conspiracy theory show; and Samaritan's agents try to convince a member of the team that their goals are noble."

In Episode 8, Finch and Reese will get stuck in a hospital that serves as ground zero for a virus outbreak. Elsewhere, Samaritan's latest recruit will have second thoughts on his decision while Shaw will continue struggling with the reality.

The synopsis of the episode reads: "Reese and Finch are trapped in a hospital that's ground zero for a deadly viral outbreak; Samaritan's latest recruit has second thoughts; and Shaw continues to struggle with reality."

Earlier, in an interview with IGN, the show's creators Greg Plageman and Jonathan Nolan had talked about the return of Shaw and her relationship with Root.

"Obviously, we had a limited availability with Sarah at the beginning of the season as she was trying to take care of her newborn twins. And it was extremely difficult to find time to get her in there early in the season and then to get her into an episode where she's in every scene. But we felt like, when she came back, we wanted to deal with the Root relationship in an honest emotional way. We didn't want to dance around it anymore like we did for a while. After everything they'd both been through, they'd earned a big moment," Plageman had said.