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In the upcoming episode titled "The Day the World Went Away" of CBS' science-fiction series "Person of Interest," it seems that Finch's cover will be compromised after a fatal error.

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According to the synopsis of the episode by, "In the series' 100th episode, Finch's number comes up after a fatal error blows his cover identity, which ignites a series of encounters with Samaritan's operatives."

In an interview with TV Line, show-runner Jonah Nolan revealed about a particular action sequence in the upcoming episode with Root holding a big gun. He said that he has been "dreaming about that action sequence for about five years."

"Waiting for the right moment to toss it in there. The sniper-through-the-sun roof, cruise control, steer-the-car-with-your-four-inch-heeled boot manoeuvre is something that Root was destined for an awfully long time," Nolan said.

According to Yibada, the guest cast in the upcoming episode includes Geoff Pierson as FBI SAIC Roberts, Reese Madigan as Detective #1, Christine Cartell as Brenda, Sunita Mani as Sonam, DeShawn Harold Mitchell as Detective #2, Ed Incle as Javier, Narrington Walters Jr as Banger, Debbie Campbell as the waitress, Nicholas Tucci as Samaritan Op and Mark Doherty as First Samaritan Op.

In the previous episode titled "Sotto Voice," a notorious criminal, who was known as "The Voice," set a chain of violence and Elias and Finch worked with a close associate of The Voice to know more about his operations.

Afterwards, Finch confronted The Voice on the street and The Voice tried to kill Finch. However, he was saved by Elias. While The Voice was escaping in a vehicle, Elias triggered a remote controlled bomb that burnt the vehicle.

Meanwhile, after returning back to New York, Shaw was confronted by Root and she threatened to shoot herself. However, Root put her own gun on her forehead and convinced Shaw not to kill herself.