In the next part of ITV's 'Lewis" Season 9 Episode 1 titled "One for Sorrow," Lewis will face an unexpected repulsion from his new boss who is doubtful about Lewis' abilities as a detective.

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According to the official synopsis, a new boss arrives at Oxfordshire Police, and he begins to question Lewis' role as a consultant.

After an exhibition of anthropomorphic taxidermy, the body of a young avant-garde artist is found. Lewis, Hathaway and Maddox must delve into the worlds of social media, drugs, taxidermy, alternative art and the homeless East European community. Meanwhile, Hathaway confronts his father and sister, with whom he does not have a good relationship.

Although the first part of the episode did well, Kevin Whately, who portrays the character of Detective Inspector Robert Lewis, has said that he may leave the show after this season.

Earlier, in an interview with Radio Times, he had hinted that his days are numbered in the show.

Talking about his departure and more Inspector Morse spin-offs, he said, "There were 33 Inspector Morse stories and we've now done 30 Lewis. I suppose it's a sentimental thing but I wouldn't want to do more Lewis than we did Morse because I do still think of it as an offshoot."

Whately also stated that he is now older than John Thaw when he died (Whately is 63; Thaw was 60 in 2002 when he died). He said it is a long time to play one character, but it only feels like yesterday sometimes.

Even though Whately is almost sure about his departure, no one from the network or the show has confirmed it. The decision will be revealed soon, it is hoped.