In the lifetime of a young country like Pakistan, so much has taken place in the realms of art, music, literature and cricket. The country, founded by Mohammad Ali Jinnah, has produced luminaries who have helped the world understand Pakistan's ethos, history and culture.

Cut to the 21st century and you have a mime that encapsulates all of the above in five minutes. The video--titled "Mime Through Time (Pakistani Version)"--is a colourful depiction of Pakistan's popular culture.

A video made by three Pakistani girls takes us through the past 50 years in Pakistani music. The five-minute video, uploaded by one of the girls, has gone viral with more than 20,000 shares.

Ayesha Haq, who posted the video on her Facebook page, captioned it: "We have put a lot of blood and sweat into this project. (Wait. Scratch that! Lots and lots of sweat ONLY)," reported The Express Tribune.

The video is peppered with songs from 1962 onwards and is a fun display of the fashion and music of the era. The three friends are seen in different clothes and hairstyles as the video traverses through time. Some of the songs that made it to their mime include "Mehdi Hassan's hit Ranjish Hi Sahi to Balle Balle in Mahira Khan starrer-Bin Roye," reported The Express Tribune.

Independence Day celebrations in post colonial countries are rife with nostalgia. And this mime video is so nostalgic, it is almost hipster.

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