As all fans hoped and prayed during the mid-season break, Cami (Leah Pipes) became a vampire in Season 3 Episode 10 of "The Originals" titled "A Ghost Along the Mississippi". However, it looks like entering the after-life may have completely changed Cami and she now has no resemblance to the woman Klaus (Joseph Morgan) fell in love with.

When Klaus learnt that Cami was compelled to drink Aurora's (Rebecca Breeds) blood in the previous episode, he was ecstatic that she would not die, and can live on as a vampire. However, Cami refused to drink human blood, which is what would turn her into a vampire, claiming she did want to become a monster to escape death.

Although Klaus begged her to do so, and even tried to force her, Cami refused to become a vampire. However, towards the end of the episode she called for her friend, confidant and the Regent to the New Orleans witches, Vincent (Yusuf Gatewood) and discussed her options with him.

She said that she could continue the great work, which her uncle had started, to nurture the community if she were to live on as a vampire. Moreover, she would actually have the power to fight back, if anyone were to harm the people. She told Vincent that she would become a vampire and although Vincent seemed to have misgivings about it, he offered her his blood.

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In the promo for the upcoming episode "Wild at Heart" she seems to be completely at ease with her new avatar as a vampire. When a co-worker at the bar commented on how good she looks, Cami responded, "I feel good". In a later scene, Cami is seen almost drinking a girl's blood, when Klaus stops her.

"You are not yourself," Klaus tells her, and Cami responds that he is right, because she is like him now. Will Klaus be able to love this blood-thirsty ruthless version of Cami, when it is the do-gooder shrink that he had fallen for? This storyline looks very familiar to what happened in "The Vampire Diaries" when Caroline (Candice Accola) became a vampire.

There is a possibility that the writers will change things up and allow Cami to have her fun for a couple of episodes, and then make her realise why she chose to become a vampire in the first place – to help people, not kill them.

Meanwhile, Davina's (Danielle Campbell) story will be continued from the mid-season finale episode, and fans will get to see what she has been up to after being shunned from the coven. It is understood that her best friend Josh (Steven Krueger) will return to "The Originals" and help her out while she is down.

Watch Season 3 Episode 11 of "The Originals" at 9 pm (EST) on Friday, 5 February. You can also live stream "Wild at Heart" via The CW website.