After one massive cliffhanger, "Noragami Aragoto" is finally returning with a follow-up on the status of Yato (Hiroshi Kamiya). Despite the best efforts of Ebisu (Ryōtarō Okiayu), it looks like the delivery god has been captured by Izanami towards the end of the previously aired Season 2 Episode 10 titled "A Certain Desire" (Kaku Arishi Nozomi).

We saw that in the previous episode, Yato -- in his true Godly self – inspired Ebisu into not giving up even when they were being chased by underworld goons. He told the God of Fortune that if there is no way out, then he should make a hole in the underworld that would take them out. Although hesitant, Ebisu created a vent for them, but was only able to save himself.

While Yato is held prisoner by Izanami, Hiyori (Maaya Uchida) and Yukine (YÅ«ki Kaji) are searching for him in their world. They were last seen at the entrance towards the underworld, which is not going to end well for anyone involved. However, Izanami has locked the door to the underworld and it will keep them out of it, but keep Yato locked in, unfortunately.

In the promo for the upcoming Season 2 Episode 11, "Revival", we see a bloody Ebisu kneeling over and speaking to someone. Hopefully, he is telling Hiyori and Yukine about what happened in the Under World and they can use the information to save their friend. Moreover, Yato himself is a very perseverant God, who will not give up on trying to escape from the evil clutches of Izanami until he actually does.

In the promo of "Revival", we can also see Yato's old frenemy Bishamon (Miyuki Sawashiro) and her shinki Kazuma (Miyuki Sawashiro). As we know, Kazuma is incredibly loyal to Yato and would do anything to protect him.

Watch Season 2 Episode 11 of "Noragami Aragoto" on Friday, 11 December, via GoGo Anime and Funimation.