According to certain rumours surfacing on internet, it seems that the BBC's drama series "The Night Manager" won't end after episode 6, as previously confirmed, and the series will have more episodes exploring Jonathan Pine's (Tom Hiddleston) adventures.

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As stated by the synopsis, "a suspicious Roper (Hugh Laurie) gathers his entourage around him in an attempt to root out the traitor, forcing Pine to play a dangerous game. In London, Burr faces mounting opposition from Whitehall." 

According to Carter Matt, the next two episodes of the series might not be the last and new episodes might be added to the current season. However, there has been no official confirmation either from the channel or show's creators.

Previously, in Cairo, during the Arab Spring, hotel night manager Jonathan Pine was approached by a mysterious guest who asked for his help to infiltrate the terrifying world of business tycoon and arms dealer, Richard Roper.

However, Roper, who was living on the Mediterranean island of Mallorca, was going through a difficult phase as several losses had almost bankrupted him. In the meanwhile, Pine is recruited by intelligence operative Angela Burr (Olivia Coleman), who sent him to Devon for further investigation.

While investigating Roper's villa, Pine came across several secrets regarding other members of the household. Meanwhile, Burr recruited another person for the investigation.

Unaware of Pine's intentions, Roper welcomed him and introduced him to his inner circle. Soon, Burr found that certain key information regarding her investigation had been leaked and it made her concerned for her and Pine's safety.