Brian Cashman
Brian Cashman, GM of New York Yankees dealing with the policeFacebook

In a major botch up, the police in the state of Connecticut in United States of America, ended up temporarily restraining the general manager of legendary baseball team New York Yankees - Brian Cashman. This incident occurred due to the police mistakenly not de-listing Cashman's car as a stolen vehicle in their records.

The footage of the shocking encounter between the Yankees' administrator and the police was released after a few days and shows a police officer along with his detective colleague directing Cashman, at gunpoint, to leave his car, put his hands behind his head and move towards the officers.

Eventually, when the identity of the person became clear, the police officials offered an apology and let Cashman go on his way. The reason for this mix-up by the law-enforcement agency was the disappearance of Cashman's car some days ago.

This led to the police listing that particular vehicle as stolen. However, a few days after the car went missing, it was found in an abandoned state. Cashman got back his car but the authorities failed to remove it from the list of stolen vehicles.

On top of that, they had also received reports of a man leaving a medical facility with a gun in possession, in that area. This man was believed by many to be driving a car whose description was similar to the one Cashman has. When the police spotted the Yankees' GM in the vehicle and found out that the car was in the list of stolen vehicles, they acted.

However, everything ended well when the identity of Cashman was established. Even the discomfited man didn't feel bad about the incident and lauded the police for doing their job diligently.

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