"Deadpool" is one of the best comic book characters of all time, and it is only fitting that Ryan Reynolds will be bringing this charismatic and witty superhero to life on the big screen.

As part of the 12 days of "Deadpool" promotion, we already knew that the new, extended trailer for the upcoming movie will be released on Christmas Day, but now we know exactly how and when it will premiere. Tapping on basketball fans' enthusiasm to watch Steph Curry, LeBron James, Russell Westbrook play, "Deadpool" is planning to release the new trailer in the middle of the ESPN NBA games.

In a teaser for the same, the "Merc with a Mouth" is seen reading the "Deadpool" version of "T'was The Night Before Christmas" sitting on an easy chair. Weasel (TJ Miller) is by him, decorating the tree and claims he wants to see the return of the short shorts. "Who wears short-shorts? I do.. I wear short-shorts," he says.

Wade Wilson continues on, "A basketball miracle, right here on Christmas Day..stuffed in our stockings by the jolly NBA. Join us for games.. ooh and something else cool. Between all the dunks, a sneak-peak of Deadpool". For good measure, Weasel adds that he hopes you've been nice.

The said trailer will be released in the middle of Christmas Day, so if you have ESPN do not forget to catch that. You can also live stream the new trailer, via ESPN Go. The trailer will also be released internationally via YouTube, so head on over to the 20th Century Fox YouTube Channel on 25 December, for the Red Band trailer for the same.