It seems like Netflix is having a good time with its original series of late. After the praise the streaming network received for its two series, "Orange is the New Black" and "Stranger Things," it is coming out with the next season of another of its series "Project MC2."

The series is known for exploring the subject of women rolemodels in pop culture and features three intelligent teenage girls who become a part of a secret organisation to save the world that consists of only female operatives.

The latest trailer of "Project MC2" Season 2 has been released and reveals several new elements that will be seen in the series including new characters, new adventures and new look of the lead actors.

In the beginning of the trailer, the girls can be seen being challenged by some boys who mock them by saying, "Hey girls, can you try and kick the ball back? You can do it — use all your big girl muscles."

In response, McKeyla kicks the ball that hits one of the boys and causes him to trip embarrassingly in front of the other students. Afterwards, the trailer introduces all the existing as well as new characters, including McKeyla McAlister, Camryn Coyle (Ysa Penarejo), Adrienne Attoms (Victoria Vida), and Bryden Bandweth (Genneya Walton).

A new character Devon D'Marco will also debut in Season 2, though it is not yet confirmed which side she will be in. As there is not much revealed about the upcoming story-line in the trailer, fans are wondering if the new character will be in the good side or the bad one.

The synopsis of "Project MC2" reads:

"After saving the world from Black Star, NOV8 (that's "Innovate") has given teenaged secret agent, McKeyla McAlister, her most difficult assignment yet: blending in as an average high school student. It won't be easy for McKeyla to turn off spy-mode, especially since criminal mastermind, Carson Lazarus, has moved to town. McKeyla's friends Adrienne, Bryden and Camryn are eager to assist, but their task is compromised when all social media and technology devices are hacked by super-hacker Retro. As Retro brings mayhem to Maywood Glen, the girls must solve riddles and connect clues to decipher who Retro is, and why he is attacking Maywood Glen, before the city is wiped out."

To stream "Project MC2" Season 2 online, tune into Netflix today.