The wait ends for fans of "NCIS". The detective show returns with an all new season including terrorists, more drama and a complicated boss in season 13. If this is not enough, show creator Gary Glasberg has promised viewers some romance as well. Terrorists and romance are usually not an ideal combination, but Glasberg has a way of making it work.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

In season 13, episode 1--titled "Stop the Bleeding"--audiences will confront a badly injured Gibbs (Mark Harmon), whose fate rests in the hands of Dr Cyril Taft (Jon Cryer). The NCIS agent will share an interesting friendship with his doctor. In the words of Glasberg, Cryer will play his role in an "old style M*A*S*H fashion".

While an incapacitated boss struggles for his life under hospice care, the rest of his team vows to take revenge on the terrorist group that shot Gibbs. For this, Gibbs' teammate Tony DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly) and Joanna (Mimi Rogers) undertake a journey to Shanghai to capture some members of the terrorist group, "The Calling".

The main plot of episode 1 will focus on Gibbs. We can perhaps expect a very emotional season premiere as the boss of the NCIS team is traumatised and questions his ability to lead. Other storylines will depict romance, or rather, the dearth of it in an agent's life.

Episode 1 will capture Bishop's (Emily Wickersham) crumbling marriage. Her new job as an NCIS agent will take a toll her husband, and it affects the way she approaches her job.

Glasberg also teased at DiNozzo's love life and said, "There might be some surprises for people a little further down the road into the season on that one, especially for our diehard fans," according to The Hollywood Reporter.

"NCIS" season 13, episode 1 "Stop the bleeding" will premiere on Tuesday, 22 September at 8pm on CBS. You can live stream the episode via CBS LIVE.

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