If you are a fan of Gibbs, it must be a relief that the NCIS head is back on his feet and is chasing crime scenes like he always does. So far, Gibbs' character has taken precedence over season 13's plot. And if you think it's about time that the producers changed things up a bit, it looks like they've heard you. After all, showrunner Gary Glasberg hinted that season 13 will include an "Abby/Die Hard Story."  

In episode 5 titled, "Lockdown," one of fans' favourite characters Abby (Pauley Perrette) is at the forefront.

The promo for the latest episode hints at Abby's fate in episode 5. Things go awry for the forensic expert. When Abby steps out of the lab to meet another doctor to discuss a case, she is taken hostage. In the promo, Abby tries to negotiate with the kidnappers, who've taken over the whole building. The NCIS team member is relentless in her pursuit to free everyone and somehow gets hold of a phone to contact her boss, Gibbs (Mark Harmon). In the promo, she says, "I'm at the drug company and the janitors are robbing the place."

While the preview clip depicts Abby's desperation, we predict that her plan might have unfoiled the kidnappers. That is, if Gibbs doesn't get to her first. He might be joined by former NFL player, Tony Gonzalez, who guests stars as NCIS special agent Tony Francis in episode 5.

TV Guide released the synopsis for episode 5, "Lockdown" which reads: "Abby is held hostage when armed men take over a pharmaceutical lab where she is visiting to talk to a doctor about a murder investigation."

"NCIS" season 13, epiosode 5 titled, "Lockdown" will be aired on Monday, 20 October at 8pm on CBS. You can live stream the episode via CBS Live

Watch the preview clip here: