Ever since season 6 ended with a cliffhanger, fans of "NCIS: Los Angeles" have been waiting for season 7 to be aired. If you are an avid NCIS follower, you would know that season 6 finale revealed an interesting detail about Callen's family. The agent's father is indeed alive and it will become Callen's mission to find his family.

WARNING: Spoilers Ahead

The main plot of season 7 will put Callen in the limelight. The agent embarks on his ambition to find answers about his dad, goes rogue when he's assigned a project and gets tangled with the CIA and Russian criminals.

Perhaps this will be too much for his team to bear. So we wouldn't be surprised if Hetty assigns one of her team members to target Callen.

Show creator Shane Brennan said in an interview that Hetty (Linda Hunt) and Sam (LL Cool J) will remain clueless about Callen's actions, and will fail to understand the lack of communication from his side. 

"The boy she took under her wing when he was 15, and she has nurtured him and cared for him and guided him through his entire adult life ... they reach a point in this episode where he will not tell her what he's doing, and she's making demands on him to find out," Brennan told TV Guide.

Admittedly, this is not the  first time Callen is being difficult but it is indeed the first time the agent is dealing with a problem so extremely personal in nature. 

Since we will see a Callen that doesn't trust his mentor, will he find a confidante in Sam?

"NCIS: LA" will be premiered on Monday, 21 September at 10pm on CBS. You can live stream episode 1 on CBS LIVE.

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