Toronto Raptors
The Brooklyn nets will lock horns with the Toronto Raptors in the seventh first-round postseason game.Reuters

The Brooklyn Nets prevented an early end to their season by forcing Game 7 with a victory over the Toronto Raptors in the last encounter.

Both are evenly matches teams, winning five encounters each against each other this season, but Andray Blatche is confident the Nets can top the Raptors.

"We guarantee it," Blatche said. "We're gonna go there, take care of business and go to Miami." The winner of the decider will be facing the LeBron James-powered Miami Heat in the second-round series.

Brooklyn's Deron Williams, who was out of touch in the previous games, responded quite well as he scored 23 points in the last game. The Nets would be hoping that Williams remains aggressive in this all-important tie.

Livingstone said that Brooklyn has found a way to win against Toronto and their momentum will carry them forward.

"We kind of found a structure that works for us," Livingston said. "Our confidence is high. We know we can go into that building and get a win. I think we're built for that."

Raptors coach Dwane Casey said the numbers are not in his team's favour, as they have a 3-7 win-loss record in the games starting early. "It's not great," Casey said. "The numbers speak for themselves."

Casey, though, is hopeful his players have learnt a valuable lesson after losing the sixth game, where they could have sealed the series.

"I hope that they did gain something by getting punched last night and knowing how hard Brooklyn is going to come out and how hard we have to come out," Casey said.

Nets' Joe Johnson said his team knows how important this game is for them and they don't want to lose. "Someone's got to go home," Johnson said. "We don't want it to be us."

Where to Watch Live

The game is scheduled for a 1:00 pm ET (10:30 pm IST, 5:00 pm GMT) start. The game can be watched on ESPN in the US with the live streaming option HERE or HERE. The game can be live streamed by international viewers, including India, HERE.