Kevin Love
Kevin Love has been shooting well in the Playoffs.Reuters

When the Cleveland Cavaliers face Boston Celtics on Sunday in game 4 of the first round Playoffs, the Cavaliers would be eager to finish off the series and progress to the conference semi-finals.

Celtics, who host Cavaliers at TD Garden, have lost their last three games, would be eager to put up some decent performances. They lost their last game, 103-95 where Cavs players, Kevin Love and LeBron James had a great night, as they scored 23 and 31 points respectively.

This should come as no surprise as James, Love and Kyrie Irving were three key players for the Cavs during the regular season as well.

But, the Celtics despite three losses have made it tough for the Cavs, who have stood as a champion team. No wonder, the Cavs are one of the favourites for the NBA title.

The Celtics have been tight on Irving, who only scored 13 points in game 3.

Cavs coach David Blatt feels that the Celtics are a fine team and have been challenging them as well.

"This is the playoffs," Blatt told the Cavaliers' official website.

"We're playing a fine opponent, they are making it very difficult for us, challenging us, competing with us and we're doing what we have to win, but it's not coming easy and we're working very hard to be successful in this series."

But the beauty of the Cavs this season has been that someone or the other have always stood up for them.

Love has been in great 3 point shooting form and David Blatt even showered some praise for Love.

"Kevin has been great," coach David Blatt said. "Maybe he didn't score as much in the second game as he did tonight, or in the first game, but he's been engaged at both ends."

After having put some good game, the Celtics have still not been able to defeat the Cavs. Hence, they need to take their game to another level. Celtics players need to play their best to defeat the in-form Cavs.

"You have a game Sunday, you prepare for the game, play to the best of your ability," AP quoted Celtics coach Brad Stevens as saying.

"We've got to play better basketball," Stevens said. "I don't mean to sound that general and I'm sorry I do, but we've got to play better basketball ... on both ends."

Where to Watch TV

The NBA Playoffs Round 1 Game 4 between Cleveland Cavaliers and Boston Celtics is scheduled for 1pm ET (10:30pm IST, 6pm BST) start.

Viewers in the US can watch the game live on ABC.

NBA fans can also watch the playoffs live on