Stephen Curry
Golden State Warriors will look upon the services of Klay Thompson as they prepare to face Memphis Grizzlies.Reuters

Memphis Grizzlies had an impressive first round playoff series defeating Portland Trail Blazers, 4-1. The same can be said about Golden State Warriors, who played some quality basketball to outclass New Orleans Pelicans 4-0 as well.

Hence, both teams would be confident as they are scheduled to meet for game 1 at Oracle Arena for western conference semi-finals.

Warriors after putting up an impressive regular season performance finished atop of the western conference with 67 wins and only 15 losses. No team had a better win loss record than the Warriors.

Compare this record with Grizzlies, who were decent with 55 wins and 27 losses.

But such records are thrown out of the window as after reaching the playoffs, they have the ability to up their game to the next level and Grizzlies did turn up the heat in the first round series against Blazers.

Will they be able to deliver when they take on Warriors, who are one of the favourites to lift the NBA title?

One of the most important things for teams such as Grizzlies is that they should be confident and have that belief to beat a stronger opposition like Warriors. Grizzlies center Marc Gasol feel they have the talent to defeat any team in the league.

''I have confidence in my teammates,'' AP quoted Grizzlies center Marc Gasol. ''I know we have talent. We have competitiveness. I have no doubt in my mind that we can win against anybody in this league.''

Marc Gasol was Grizzlies' best player in the first round, as it was his performance, which helped Grizzlies ride past Trailblazers with ease. The center averaged 20.4 points per game in the series against the Trailblazers.

If he along with other players come up with a similar consistent performance against the Warriors as well, the series promises to be an interesting one, but can they contain Warriors' players such as Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, who are in amazing form.

Not only did Curry have an amazing regular season, he had an incredible first round as well in 2015 NBA Playoffs, as he averaged 33.8 ppg. Thompson was equally impressive with 25 ppg.

With Warriors being a good defensive side as well, they are a huge threat in the playoffs.

''Whether it's a flashy up-tempo game or whether it's an 87-83 game, we feel like we have enough pieces and versatility to win all sorts of ways now,'' Stephen Curry said. ''Our defense is going to show up. That's what we're going to bank on for the whole series.''

Where to Watch Live

The NBA Playoffs semi-finals game 1 between Golden State Warriors and Memphis Grizzlies is scheduled for 3:30pm ET (1am IST, 8:30 pm BST) start.

Viewers in the US can watch the game live on ABC.

Indian viewers can watch it live on Sony Six.

NBA fans can also watch the Playoffs live on