"Nashville" season 4 seems to be churning out high-intensity drama with every episode. While episode 4 saw Juliette hitting rock bottom, this week in episode 5, titled "Stop the World (And Let Me Off)", the focus will shift beyond the country singer and revolve around other characters' lives.

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In episode 4 last week, we saw Beverly's funeral being attended by everbody and when Deacon breaks down during the eulogy, Rayna takes over for him. The episode also saw Zoey come back to town to support Scarlett. At the end of the ceremony, Rayna gets a call from Markus Keen, who confirms that he is on his way to Nashville and is ready to work.

On the other hand, Avery relieves Emily from babysitting Cadence in the park and paparazzi takes pictures of the three of them together. Tabloids publish them calling Emily a "mystery woman" and Avery's new love. When the news reaches Juliette, she calls Emily and tells her that she is a "gold digging backstabbing wh**e" but then cries when she looks at the pictures that were taken of them.

"The Slender Threads That Bind Us Here" also showed Deacon going to an AA meeting to see if it will help him cope with his pain of losing Beverly but decides to leave. And we also saw how Layla's thunder was stolen by Markus, who ran out on stage and introduced himself as Highway 65's new artist.

At the end of the episode, Cadence is rushed to the hospital with a 104° temperature and Avery is desperate to get in touch with Juliette but has no luck.

In this week's episode 5, we will see how Layla and Jeff's relationship shocks Rayna, when she sees them kiss and finds out that they are dating. But she will also be seen dealing with Markus' star tantrums. Meanwhile, her daughter Maddie meets Juliette when she goes to see her tour with Luke. Maddie is accompanied by her boyfriend Colt as well.

The promo of "Stop the World" also teases that Scarlett and Deacon will be forced to reunite. And the two of them will go to Natchez, where Beverly lived before she died. And while all this is happening, her ex-boyfriend Gunnar is seen seeking help from Will and Kevin to find a new girlfriend.

Plot synopsis of "Stop the World" reads:

Rayna is unhappy with Layla and Jeff's relationship; Markus disagrees with his producer; when Maddie joins Colt on tour, she turns to Juliette for advice; Gunnar turns to Kevin and Will for help picking up a woman.

"Nashville" season 4 episode 5 titled, "Stop the World", will be aired on ABC on 21 October at 10 pm.