"Nashville" season 4 is getting more and more dramatic with the plot delving into each character's personal lives. Juliette-Avery and Scarlett-Rayna's storyline have been especially running strong for the last two episodes. But it looks like episode 4, titled, "The Slender Threads" will bring the focus back to music.

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After an emotional episode last week, the drama is nowhere close to dying down this week. In episode 3 we saw how Juliette's non-stop partying habits (with Luke) and her erratic behaviour pushed her husband Avery, not just to file for divorce, but also a petition for full custody of their daughter Cadence.

But at the end of "'How Can I Help You Say Goodbye," Avery's heart melts down and his love for Juliette pulls him back from signing those divorce papers. Despite all this, the country singer's ways of life haven't changed a bit, as she is seen indulging in constant partying and drinking.

This week's episode will see Juliette's condition going from bad to worse. The promo of episode 4 teases that Jeff will hire a reporter to document Juliette's activities and in the process the journalist discovers the singer's dark secrets, which she exposes in public. This will affect Juliette both personally and professionally and she will turn to pills and alcohol to cope with this emotional setback. In the episode, we will also see how Juliette is caught off guard during a radio interview by allegations that Avery is cheating on her.

Meanwhile, "The Slender Threads" will also focus on Juliette's former rival Rayna, who is facing issues after her new talent Marcus from her record label Highway 65 starts giving attitude. The episode will also bring back Scarlett's old friend to help her cope in her time of grief.

Plot synopsis of "The Slender Threads" reads:

"Rayna struggles to tend to those around her and deal with Marcus' demands; Jeff and Layla argue; Juliette leans on alcohol and pills after experiencing another emotional setback."

"Nashville" season 4 episode 4 titled, "The Slender Threads" will be aired on ABC on 14 October at 10 pm.