"Nashville" season 4 is slowly getting deep into each character's life. And the drama continues on ABC this week with episode 3 titled "How Can I Help You Say Goodbye", which will witness two major twists --- Avery divorcing Juliette and Beverly breathing her last.

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While "Nashville" season 4 premiere episode showed how Deacon and Beverly cheated death and how Juliette gets busy with her superstar life, leaving her husband and family behind, episode 2 flipped the entire script.

Last week's episode 2 titled, "Till the Pain Outwears the Shame" witnessed Juliette breakdown on "Live with Kelly and Michael" and she finally comes face-to-face with her husband Avery, but their reunion didn't go quite well. And Juliette's erratic ways leaves Avery thinking about their future together.

And at the end of the episode, we also saw that Beverly suffered another brain aneurysm that left her in a pretty bad shape, hinting that she may not make it through death, unlike the last time.

Juliette will continue pretending that her career is all that she needs while Avery appears to be giving up in this week's episode. Episode 3 will show how Juliette's destructive pattern of erratic behaviour pushes Avery to file for divorce. But the divorce will break her down further and Juliette will be seen falling apart.

The synopsis of "How Can I Help you Say Goodbye" teases that a second aneurysm leaves Beverly brain dead and that Deacon is feeling guilty. Though Deacon wants to keep Beverly on life support, the final decision will be up to Scarlett, who might disagree with Deacon.

The promo video and trailer also revealed the return of Teddy (Eric Close) after being arrested for trying to pay off a prostitute with federal funds. Daphne is thrilled to see her father, but might come to accept that he is a criminal.

Plot synopsis of "How Can I Help You Say Goodbye" reads:

"Scarlett is forced to make a life-changing decision for her mother, Beverly, while Avery finds himself making a decision that will change his family's life forever."

"Nashville" season 4 episode 3 titled, "How Can I Help You Say Goodbye" airs on ABC on 7 October, 10 pm.