"Nashville" season 4 continues to dole out more drama and breakdowns after an exciting premiere -- "Can't Let Go" -- last week. In episode 2, which is set to air on 30 September, the ABC drama will throw more light on Avery-Juliette relationship, while Jeff tries to help the couple.

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The season 4 premiere saw Juliette Barnes wrecking down after abandoning her husband Avery and her baby. The episode showed her binge drinking and living in denial. Though she is putting up a happy face for the Hollywood cameras, episode 2 titled "Till the Pain Outwears the Shame" will see her break down in front of live camera.

The country singer-turned-movie star, who is on a press tour for her Patsy Cline biopic will break down on camera during a live appearance on the "Live with Kelly and Michael" television show. The episode synopsis and pictures also tease that after seeing Juliette's condition, concerned Avery may confront his wife, but only to realise that it's pointless.

When Avery reaches Juliette's house, he sees his wife in a drunken state, partying with her new friends. Now, will Juliette's erratic behavior push Avery to file for a divorce? Well, the promo video shows Juliette begging her husband to stay.

Meanwhile, Rayna is working hard to prove Juliette wrong. She is busy devising a plan to sign Marcus Keen, one of the biggest rock artists around.

Plot Synopsis of "Till the Pain Outwears the Shame" reads:

Juliette has a breakdown on a daytime talk show, prompting concern from Avery, but then her erratic behavior continues. Meanwhile, Jeff tries talking to Avery about Juliette without getting punched. Elsewhere, Rayna strives to showcase the validity of her label by making a play to sign Marcus Keen, a huge rock artist.

Watch what happens to Juliette-Avery's relationship in "Nashville" season 4 episode 2 titled, "Till the Pain Outwears the Shame" airs on ABC on 30 September, at 10 pm.