It has been over five months since the filler episodes in "Naruto Shippuden" began, and there is still no indication on when they will end. The upcoming episode 445 titled "Pursuers" or "Otte" will also be a continuation of the fillers, and it will see more of Sasuke's journey fuelled by the need for more power.

In the previous episode, Sasuke's old friends, along with Minato and other elders, learned that Sasuke is travelling to learn under Orochimaru. Although Sasuke does not understand the grave danger he is going to put himself in, Tsunade had told Hiruzen, Minato and Kakashi about Jiraiya's warning that Orochimaru will soon need a new vessel.

Sakura overhears this conversation and informs Naruto about it. He promises Sakura to bring Sasuke back, and along with Shikamaru, he sneaks out of the village. However, on the way, they are attacked by Root Anbu that Danzō sent, to ensure that no one would stop Sasuke from reaching Orochimaru. The fight is still going on when the episode ends, but Shikamaru realises that the Anbu aren't normal.

In the upcoming episode 445 it is revealed that they are actually from the underground organisation called The Foundation. Meanwhile, Sasuke is heading closer towards Orochimaru.

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While the storyline in the filler is getting intricate and more intense by the episode, it is annoying quite a few fans, because fillers are causing a huge gap in the main storyline – the only one that matters as far as those fans are concerned.

"5 months later and we're still in filler. The final battles of the series better have mind blowing and jaw dropping animation," Storm Bringer 777 , a fan said on Youtube. 

To those who claim filler episodes are allowing viewers to watch "Naturo Shippuden" (because, with the war the series would also end), Julian Rivas has this to say: "Lol no offence but i dont see the point of this filler its supose to be a dream world and they gor naruto and sasuke in there like theyr the main ones when they didint even get cought up in it...and the ones that did have been dreaming for almost 20 episodes i think these fillers are being pushed just sp the series wont finish sooner its bad scripted they are doing a bad job at it ".

However, if you are among the dedicated fans who would follow "Naruto Shippuden" through thick and thin, watch episode 445 at 7:30 pm (JST) on Thursday, 21 January on TV Tokyo. You can also watch "Pursuers" online via jpPlayer, Naruspot and Crunchyroll.