"Naruto Shippuda" is still airing the filler episodes ahead of the return of the Fourth Great Ninja War, as Tsunade continues to read Jiraiya's novel about the younger generation of Konohagakure. Episode 442 of Season 19, which premieres on Thursday, 17 December, will continue the trend as we learn how Sasuke tries to out-jutsu Naruto in "The Mutual Path".

Most fans are restless with the continuing filler episodes, and want the story to get back on the war track. However, it will be at least 2016-beginning before we get more of the war episodes, most Manga readers confirm. And some fans are pacified by the fact that milking the filler episodes featuring Naruto would mean the series will not end in a rush.

In the previous episode, Tsunande had started reading the second volume of Jiraiya's novel, wherein we saw the four Konoha genin teams joined as one, clearly disobeying Minato's direct orders, confessing their actions to him. Minato however, decides to let them off easy, seeing as their union resulted in the success of their mission.

However, Sasuke's father is not so benevolent, and reprimands him for breaking the rules, further accusing him of being incapable of herding his team-mates in the right direction. Sasuke then decides to train further and master a new jutsu called Chidori from Kakashi. However, this too leaves his father Fugaku unimpressed.

Sasuke is infuriated, especially after he sees Naruto's father Minato teaching him the Giant Rasengan. He ventures back to Kakashi and demands to take the Chidori further.

In the upcoming Episode 442, we see Sasuke standing up to his father and demanding he treat Sakura with respect. We anticipate a duel between the two and Sasuke finally proving to his father he is in fact a great warrior.

Watch Season 9 Episode 442 of "Naruto Shippuden" on Thursday, 17 December via TV Tokyo. You can also live-stream "The Mutual Path" via Hulu (United States only) or Naruspot.