A low flying UFO was spotted by the witness (representational image).
A low flying UFO was spotted by the witness (representational image).YouTube screenshot

A video in which a UFO is seen coming out of nowhere and destroying a Taliban camp has gone viral online.

The one minute and 35 second clip, uploaded to YouTube, begins with a large, grey triangular-shaped aircraft that appears to hover in the sky. It is said that the plane depicted the eastern city of Asadabad.

As the crew of the Nato armoured vehicle stand by and watch the mysterious object appearing, flashing lights start appearing from the underside of the object. It soon becomes apparent that the UFO has attacked or opened fire on something beneath. Soon after the UFO appears to attack the ground base, explosions are heard and huge dark fumes mushroom into the firmament.

The huge plume of smoke appears to be so massive that for a moment, the UFO becomes completely obscured from vision. In the later part of the video, the cameraman zooms in, giving viewers a close up video of the mysterious object, that almost looks like an alien spacecraft.

Althought it can't be independently verified, the video entitled 'UFO attacks Taliban camp' was reportedly filmed by US Marines in March 2014.

Viewers were quick to react to the video, which has been watched over 60,000 times ever since it was uploaded on Monday.

"US Military controlled UFO attacking Taliban camp," says Bryan Hix.

Another individual with the name 'jpsmart59' joked: "It's Judy from the Jupiter II took off in alien ship searching for Don who had a big argument with her...lol But she took a wrong turn and ended up at a war zone."

Others believe that it's just another unseen stealth plane, while many have dismissed the entire video as 'fake'

"Its just a new strealth plane with trust vector technology. I think that they must have shot 50 cal. Rounds at explosives on the ground," says one viewer.

"This is not a UFO, it is the technology of American Army, TR3-B..." remarked another viewer called Mathew Agharta.

Teemu Ranta-Pere remarks: "Just another try to scare us believe that there are other forces trying to destroy and control us besides the ones who are already in our planet and governments..."