What began as a viral video from a local high school has gone on to become a killing spree and the latest prey in the masked killer's target is Will. It is Emma's mission now to save him in time.

With episode 7 of MTV's "Scream", which will be aired on Tuesday, 11 August, Emma has come to the hard realisation that she is merely a pawn in the killer's mind games.

The promo for "In the Trenches" reveals that Emma (Willa Fitzgerald) and her gang are looking for Will (Connor Weil), after the killer sends her on a sick hide-and-seek run, which is timed. If they fail to find him, Will will be killed by the masked murderer.

As fans would remember, he was dragged away by the killer at the end of episode 6, after Piper (Amelia Rose Blaire) also got hit on the head with a cement block. Emma looks for him in an abandoned building which is definitely not a happy place, as pointed out by Noah (John Karna).

However, while the friends search for Will, Brooke (Carlson Young) gets attacked from the back, just as she says, "I have a feeling something bad is going to happen."

In the last episode, she had seen a video of her father Mayor Maddox (Bryan Batt) dragging what looked like a dead body, out of the trunk of the car. She is still looking for answers and that naturally makes her a target.

Watch out for Season 1 episode 7 of MTV's "Scream" at 10.00 pm (EST) on Tuesday, 11 August. You can also live stream "In the Trenches" via MTV on Demand.