Park Bo Gum
Pictured: Park Bo Gum in Facebook/Moonlight Drawn by Clouds

Things are going to get interesting between crown prince Lee Yeong and Ra On in the upcoming episode of Moonlight Drawn By Clouds titled The Moment The Door To My Heart Opened.

The previous episode of the Korean historical drama saw Park Bo Gum's character Lee Yeong realising that his favourite eunuch is a woman. The next episode will see him falling in love with Kim Yoo Jung's Ra On. This change in the crown prince will raise suspicion among others in the palace, and Lee Yeong isn't going to have it easy as the story moves forward.

In a surprising turn of events, episode 9 will see the King deciding to start preparations for Lee Yeong's wedding.

Warning: This article contains spoilers from the upcoming episode of Moonlight Drawn by Clouds.

Viewers of the show are impatient to see what happens, and those worrying about Lee Yeong marrying someone else can take solace in the fact that Lee Yeong stays with Ra On in the source material for the KBS2 drama, which is a web novel of the same name written by Yoon Yi Soo.

The Moment The Door to My Heart Opened, which will air on Monday, can be watched online on The episode will be aired at 10pm ET on KBS2.

In other news, Lee Jin Hee, the hanbok designer for Moonlight Drawn By Clouds recently took his social media account to praise Park Bo Gum's ability to carry off the traditional clothes with elan.
"I worked on a lot of projects, and I've met a lot of actors. There have been many actors who have great bodies and a great figure for clothes, but I think this is a first for an actor who can perfectly portray the feeling and message that I intended, as if he is one with the clothes," Lee Kin Hee wrote, according to Soompi.